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Boys like disgusting things, right? Izzybella saw some stress balls that, when squeezed, have really disgusting things pop out, like worms, and pus, and cockroaches. So she bought some for Clover’s son. I was so grossed out by them, but can totally visualize the look on C’s face as he gleefully shows them to all the unfortunate doctors and nurses who stop by. He is really going to have a lot of fun with those revolting balls.

Last night Izzybella and I went Christmas shopping. Have you seen those 20-questions electronic games? We got one of those for C as well. I experimented with it. If you get the chance to pick one up, try it out, thinking of a booger. The questions it will ask you are hilarious. Can it fit in an envelope? Yes. Can you walk on it? Well, yes, but it will stick to the bottom of your shoe. Is it multicolored? Well, that just kind of depends. Can you buy it at a store? No, not so much, unless you’re buying Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. And then you’re not buying a real one, just a booger-flavored jelly bean. Needless to say, the game did not guess a booger. It guessed a fairy. I had way too much fun.

The creeping crud continues to creep. It is currently still in my nose, throat, and has crept down into my upper chest. I can feel it creeping toward my lungs. If I try to speak, I sound like a frog croaking. I’m at work this morning. Whether I will be at work this afternoon just kind of depends. When I do go home, whether it be at noon or at 4, I’m going to knock back some Nyquil and head straight for bed. It seems like I may have mentioned doing the same thing yesterday, but that so didn’t happen. I ended up going Christmas shopping, then having some dinner (a bowl of tortilla soup and 5 french fries), and then having a very serious 3-hour discussion with my husband, and then a long, sleepless night.

I’m scheduled to be off work tomorrow for Christmas shopping purposes. Since Izzybella and I got so much done yesterday, there’s not too much to be done tomorrow. And I suspect I felt better yesterday than I will tomorrow, so that works. And she’s already kindly volunteered to wrap gifts. Fortunately, I have already wrapped everything I have previously bought up until last night, so there’s not too much to wrap. Also fortunately I have a fairly large selection of gift bags, so the actually wrapping may not be as heinous a job as it could be.

Okay, well, I can’t think of anything else disgusting to talk about, so I’ll start working again. Well, that’s not strictly true. I mean, I can always think of something disgusting to talk about. But I really should get back to work, right? Right?

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