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Doesn’t that have a lovely ring to it? Rhinestone psychotic. Maybe that would be a good band name. I don’t know. You might be wondering where it came from. Frankly, so am I. I empty my spam folder every few hours. Most of the spam e-mails tell me how I could enlarge my penis, because my girlfriend thinks size honestly does matter. I hate to tell you, but if size matters, my girlfriend (that I didn’t even know I had) is in trouble, because last time I checked, I didn’t even have a penis! But this spam was entitled “Rhinestone Psychotic.” The little bit of text I could see without clicking to open it (and no, I NEVER open spam, no matter how interesting the title looks) read, “Coyote, the christian right and Global Warming.” I thought it was amusing that the phrase “christian right” was not capitalized, while the phrase “Global Warming” was. Normally one would see it the other way around.

So what type of story would one make by combining those phrases. Rhinestone psychotic, coyote, the christian right, and global warming? I’m not sure I want to see, although a part of me wants to try. A very tiny part.

Lots of rain this weekend, which has been nice. We’ve needed it. And it’s supposed to be dry tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m very glad, because the employee appreciation day at work is scheduled to take place outside on Wednesday afternoon, and I really didn’t want to cope with a rainy day. It would be problematic at best.

Joe and I went to the Handley Street Festival on Saturday morning with Liz, Dad, and Carol. It’s this cheesy little street fair we go to every year. I look forward to it, even though it does seem to always rain the day of the festival. My favorite antique store was having a 50%-off sale; unfortunately, none of their hats moved me this time. I’ve gotten some delicious hats there in times past. The Humane Society was there with a far-too-skinny border collie that Joe and I were playing with. If not for the fact that Molly is too set in her ways for us to bring another dog home, Joe and I might have done just that. The people we spoke with said that border collies have the highest return rate because people don’t understand how to meet their needs and how intelligent they are. I was very sorry to hear that, because we’ve been so delighted with Molly. When it’s time for us to get another dog, we’ll definitely go to the shelter and get another border collie. In fact, we’ll get two. I wish we had gotten two dogs when we got Molly–she wouldn’t have been so set in her ways, and it would have been nice for her to have a companion.

Liz unexpectedly got the evening off work on Saturday night, so we did a mall walk, picked up some freebies, and had dinner together. Joe volunteered to reimburse whatever I spent that evening, thinking we might do a movie or something. I bought a pair of trouser socks, a DVD, and paid for dinner. When I gave him the receipts, he said that he meant entertainment-wise, not shopping. I said, “I’m a woman. Shopping IS entertainment.” It was only $31, so I say he got off extremely cheaply. He was amused by my wisecrack, and learned to be more specific when he makes offers like that.

Life is good. The headaches have improved to the point where I have them less often than I do, and I’m extremely grateful. I have a follow-up appointment with the neurologist on the 25th. There are some slightly unpleasant side effects with the drug, but they’re so much less painful than the headaches that I can totally live with them.


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