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Well, that’s what’s new, first of all. Yep, I did it. Went back to Weight Watchers. Love ’em or hate ’em, it’s the only program that works for me. Somehow I’m just in the zone right now, and I have had no problems whatsoever. I’ve been exercising 3-6 times a week, losing weight, feeling good, moving on.

What else? I still haven’t been hired by the company I’m temping at. The VP has told me that he’s gotten approval to reclassify my job position, has told me how much money I’ll be making, and has turned the paperwork in to HR. That was almost 3 weeks ago. I learned last Friday that HR is waiting on the president of the company to sign off on the offer before I can get hired. It astounds me that something as relatively insignificant as reclassifying a position has to go all the way to the president of the company. But work’s going reasonably well, and it will be nice when I’m once again making something much more closely approximating a living wage.

And more good news; Clover sent a query to an agent, and was requested to send in more info and 30 pages of her manuscript. So keep your fingers crossed for her. Clover is a fantastic writer, who has consistently worked at her craft and who has some amazing stories to tell. She’s also–outside of family–the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. If you know what a cool person she was, you’d be totally jealous of me. Neener-neener!

On the Sophie front, it turns out it’s just as well that things turned out the way they did. My brother and his former-gf have split up, so even if the gf’s daughter had been pregnant, I doubt that they would still be wanting us to adopt. Joe and I are trying to look at things positively, and just keep on with our lifelong honeymoon. It’s still depressing at times, though, I must admit.

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