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They fixed my phone!! So instead of spending $200 on a replacement phone, I spent $59 on a repair.

I herewith resolve to refrain from using my phone in the bathroom.

Doesn’t that sound lame and pathetic? See, I tolerate boredom no better than I tolerate fools. I also have ADD. So I find it almost impossible to do only one thing at a time. Usually I’m doing 4-6 things simultaneously. That means sitting in the bathroom for long periods of time drives me batty. That’s why when I’m home I try to pass the time by reading. But one can’t exactly take a book into the bathroom at work. One can slip a cell phone into a pocket, and play solitaire.

But no more.

Maybe I should cut back on fiber. (joking)

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If you drop your cell phone on a hard, tiled bathroom floor, it will bust.

I know, I know. What was I doing with my cell phone in the bathroom? Well, I had a stomach-ache, and didn’t have a book in my purse. So I decided to play solitaire while I was otherwise occupied. One little slip of the hand, and bammo! Smash! It’s in three pieces, and I will be amazed if they’re able to fix it.

I’m really not happy about this. It’s been just over a year since I bought this phone, so no chance of a rebate on a new phone. That means I’ve got to get a new phone. I could probably do without a cell phone, although it would be inconvenient, except that we don’t have a home phone. So, no cell phone, no phone period.

Grumble grouch snarl.

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My husband is just amazing. A month or so ago, he called me up, very excited, telling me that “Hairspray” was coming to town. He told me to find out if my sister wanted to go with me, and that he was buying us tickets. Well, of course my sister wanted to go with me! I got online to get the tickets, and found some about in the middle of the hall, and they were just fine tickets. But he was all up in arms–no, he wanted us to get the front-row tickets. Yes, the ones that cost about $175 for two tickets. Squee!

So last night was the night. It had been a difficult and frustrating day. Our Mom’s in town, and our brother and his girlfriend were also coming to town. I was trying to arrange and rearrange everything so that no one would feel slighted. It wasn’t easy, but we finally got everything planned out. So when Liz and I left to go to her apartment to get ready for the evening, we were both in a very grouchy mood. That mood dissipated as soon as we got to our seats. We were in the front row on the left side, about in the middle. We were able to look down into the orchestra pit and see the musicians.

The show was just fantastic. The guy who was playing Edna Turnblad was absolutely hysterical, and he was definitely playing to Liz and me. I know that sounds boastful (along the lines of, “Sting was singing to me!”), but it’s the truth. I have a very loud laugh, something that can be embarrassing for me if I’m in a place where I need to be quiet, but something that actors really enjoy. And I don’t know how anyone could sit still as they listened to that great music–I think I mostly managed to keep my upper body still, but my legs and feet were dancing throughout the whole show. So Edna looked our way quite often, winked at us a few times, and at the end of the show, when everyone was taking their bows, s/he blew us a kiss.

My husband may have set a dangerous precedent. It was the first time I’ve been to a Broadway touring production and had seats so close that I didn’t need opera glasses. I was able to see the actors’ facial expressions. I was able to catch the things the peripheral characters were doing on stage; there was a hilarious bit where Penny Pingleton was playing with her gum. She had the most ecstatic look on her face as she stretched it to ghastly lengths before trying to dangle it into her mouth. And during the sock hop, there was one couple on our side of the stage who were dry humping each other–sounds gross, I know, but it was very funny.

The Bass Hall in Fort Worth is a fabulous place to see a show. Unlike the Dallas Fair Park Music Hall, they do not seat patrons once the show has started. Liz and I, several years ago, went to see “Aida” and “Kiss Me, Kate” at Dallas, and were astounded to see ushers seating patrons all through the show. I have never been to a theatre–amateur, college, or professional–that permitted people to come in after the show had started, and found it extremely distracting. And the Bass Hall is laid out so beautifully that I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house.

The summer series includes “A Chorus Line” and “Oklahoma!”. I will casually mention it to Joe, just in case he feels like being charitable! I’m joking here–I don’t think I’d ask him to do that. That’s what made it such an awesome experience. He thought of it himself, knowing how much we would enjoy it, and wanting us to have a great time. And we did, and we’re grateful to him.

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Uninspired Lately . . .

I haven’t posted much lately–I’ve either been working too hard on my other blog, or else I’ve been too uninspired to write, or else I’ve been too busy writing to write in my blog! So I stole this meme from Chicory.

1. Who was your first Prom date? I only went to one prom–my high school senior prom–and it was with Derek K. I knew him from Sea Cadets, and we went out sporadically. He drove his Dad’s Corvette with the moon roof, and we tried in vain to make out after the prom. But long dresses and tiny Corvettes don’t make for easy making out. We gave it up as a bad deal and he took me home. The prom itself was boring as all get-out. It was held at some ritzy hotel in Dallas, and the dance floor was the size of a postage stamp. Crinolines and hoops were in that year, so only about 5 couples could fit onto the dance floor at one time.

2. Who was your first roommate(s)? Her name was Gayla. She worked with a friend of mine, and I let her move in on my friend’s recommendation. Bad move. I found out after she’d lived there for a few months that, whenever I gave her my share of the rent money, she was spending it instead of paying the rent on time. And I was too ignorant to know that I was supposed to get her added to the lease, so the manager was coming after me for the money. Bad, bad experience. I ended up hating her cordially.

3. What alcoholic beverage did you drink the first time you got drunk? Whiskey.

4. What was your first job? I got paid to babysit my brother and sister during the summers, so if you want to count that, you may. My first job other than that and other baby-sitting jobs was at the customer service/gift wrap department at Sears.

5. What was your first car? I bought my Dad’s old red Toyota Corolla and named it Charlie. Charlie and I stuck together for quite a few years. He finally died in Austin, and I got about $100 for him.

6. When did you go to your first funeral? I honestly don’t remember. I think it may have been my grandfather’s funeral.

7. How old were you when you first moved away from your home town? Less than two years old, although I don’t know specifically–probably much younger. My dad was in the Navy when I was born. My mother lived part of the time with her parents and part of the time with his, until we moved onto the base with him. And then after he got out of the Navy, he was in the habit of moving every two years. So I’ve lived in a lot of places, and don’t really have a home town, per se.

8. Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs. Gibson. I adored her. She was an enormous woman, one of those huge square women, with marcelled black hair. She used to tell me that I was the best reader in her class, even though I was the youngest. I was teacher’s pet even then–how pathetic!

9. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? Miami, Florida. My Dad was working on the phone systems for the national conventions for the 1972 presidential elections, and Mom and my brother and sister and I flew down there for a vacation. I was very impressed with the fact that we were riding on a 747! We had a delightful time. We all wore tee-shirts encouraging people to vote. I remember getting sand in every orifice at the beach. I also remember enjoying walking into the different orange juice shops and watching them squeeze fresh orange juice. It was a fun vacation.

10. When did you sneak out of your house for the first time, who was it with? It was with my next-door neighbor–Rhonda, I think her name was. I thought I was being all cool and sophisticated, sneaking out at night. I’ve written about this earlier, in the entry about the magical summer. I didn’t know then that my parents knew full well I was sneaking out, and didn’t have a problem with it. They probably would have been more concerned if they knew what I was doing, but even so I didn’t get into serious trouble. Just a little necking with Philip the slobbery wonder. Ugh.

11. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them? Dawn H. I haven’t seen her since she and her family moved to Dothan, Alabama.

12. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents house? With some friends in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

13. Whose wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid/groomsmen? I never was in anyone’s wedding.

14. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Depends. If I’ve set my alarm for 5:30, I re-set it for 6 and go back to sleep. If I’ve set it for 6, I grumble mightily and then go pee.

15. What is the first concert you ever went to? I think it was Jerry Lee Lewis–my parents took me when I was a kid. The first one I actually bought tickets to was Van Halen.

16. First tattoo or piercing? No tattoos, and I got my ears pierced when I was 12. I had been begging my mother for at least a year or two, and she wouldn’t let me do it before I turned 12.

17. First Celebrity crush? The kid in H.R. Pufinstuf. And then Donny Osmond after that.

18. Age of first kiss? 3. Donny. That’s all I know about it. Don’t really remember.

19. First crush? Donny. When I was 3. I have been told that he and I ran away from home and were caught walking down a busy street in Oceanside, California, on our way to the candy store.

20. First time you did drugs? Haven’t. Won’t. I have seen close-up how drugs mess up people’s lives.

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Horrible Dreams

I had the absolute worst dreams last night. The first involved a detailed scenario of my getting amnesia and wandering the world for 4 years. When I finally did regain my memory and go home, it was to find that my husband had had me declared legally dead and remarried. Compared to the second dream, the first was a joyride, trust me.

In the second dream I was working for CPS again. That’s nightmare enough right there, but it kept going. I fell in love with a client and was leaving my husband for him. But then I changed my mind and stayed with my husband. Some friends/relatives of the guy I decided not to go with decided to punish me and Joe. So they tried killing us. I ended up with 4 or 5 gunshot wounds and nearly died, but didn’t. Joe had 3 or 4. And while we were still in the hospital, those people told me they were going to keep trying until we were dead.

I woke up sobbing and wouldn’t let go of Joe’s neck for quite some time until I could manage to calm down. Logically I know that the second dream, at least, was related to A’s death. Even that didn’t lessen the pain, as I thought of my sister being shot to death by police. We had thought that she died at the scene, but learned a few weeks ago that she actually died at the hospital. The police weren’t firing at her, but at AM, the guy she was with who was firing at the police. When they got to the car, they found AM dead and A lying with her head in his lap. When I found that out, I was devastated. I couldn’t bear to think of it. It brought all that grief right back up to the surface.

So it doesn’t surprise me that I dreamed about it in such a horrifying fashion.

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New Blog!

I’ve started a new blog. That may seem like a bit much, when I’m not writing in this one very often. I’m working a 12-step program to lead me to sanity with my eating problems, and it’s taking a lot of my time and attention. If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here: Virginia S./

I’m hoping to get back to writing here more regularly, and I do think that having two separate places to talk about the different things going on in my life will help in a weird sort of way.

Other than that, not much right now, but I’ll update again soon, I promise!

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